Expand gene expression insights with targeted methyl-seq

Explore epigenetic mechanisms and expand your gene expression insights for a wide range of sample types, including liquid biopsies, with a low-input workflow that enables interrogation of a few to thousands of targets. From bisulfite conversion and targeted methylation sequencing to integrated bioinformatics, our Sample to Insight solutions cover your entire workflow so you can be assured of quality, compatibility and consistency every step of the way.

If you’re looking for a single-day solution that can target thousands of CpG sites in the genome, and ensure high-sensitivity and maximum coverage, talk to the QIAGEN team at Lanai Suite #187 to explore our newly launched QIAseq Targeted Methyl Panels. Discover how this innovative solution can save time and maximize insights from the lowest input, which means you can work with as little as a few nanograms of DNA. Our Illumina-compatible panels include:

  • Human Breast Cancer Panel
  • Human Colorectal Cancer Panel
  • Immuno-Oncology Panel
  • Human T-cell Infiltration Panel (coming soon)

Custom panels are also available based on genomic coordinates or CG identifiers – explore your panel design options with our team at Lanai Suite #187.

Visit us at AGBT 2020 at Lanai Suite #187

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