High-precision variant detection for any application

Accelerate your understanding of pathways and mechanisms involved in normal biology and disease states by profiling biomarkers with precision. Whether you’re looking to detect DNA variants or trying to identify known and novel RNA fusions, challenges such as fragmented workflows can impede progress, increase costs and delay actionable data. Stop by Lanai Suite #187 at AGBT 2020 and discover how our innovative single primer extension (SPE), unique molecular index (UMI) and hybrid capture technologies, together with efficient workflows can solve these bottlenecks and ensure high sensitivity and uniform coverage. Find out how our integrated bioinformatics pipelines can help you make the leap from generating NGS data to achieving biological insights with greater ease and speed.


Highlights include:

A novel one-day workflow for combined extraction, SPE-based enrichment and sequencing of DNA variants and RNA fusions

QIAseq Multimodal: Combined DNA variant and RNA fusion detection

Explore the power of one with new QIAseq Multimodal Panels that allow you to simultaneously profile DNA and RNA biomarkers from the same, total nucleic acid sample – one sample, one workflow and one day is all you need. Save up to 66% time and 50% sample by maximizing your insights with this first-to-market technology.



A single-day, hybrid capture workflow – complete coverage with the lowest sample input requirement coupled with rapid data analysis and interpretation

QIAseq Human Exome: Detect pathogenic variants with confidence, ease and efficiency

Advance disease-research with QIAseq Exome Panels, which leverage hybrid capture technology for highly sensitive variant calling of targets of >500 genes. Seamless integration with QIAGEN CLC Genomics Workbench for variant calling and QCI-I ensures variant interpretation and disease-specific insights without the burden of manual curation.

Visit us at AGBT 2020 at Lanai Suite #187

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