New solutions revealed at AGBT 2020

Stop by the Lanai Suite #187 to be the first to learn about our latest innovative solutions, plus see live demos and uncover exclusive offers.

  • We’ll be revealing our newest solutions for RNA-seq, including our revolutionary rRNA removal technology for mammalian and bacterial RNA-seq.
  • Uncover our first-to-market technology for simultaneous profiling of DNA and RNA biomarkers in a consolidated, one-day workflow.
  • We’ll unveil our new Sample to Insight solution for interrogating highly conserved genes in the human genome for disease-associated variants with exome sequencing.
  • Discover our new solution for targeted methylated sequencing that saves you time and sample while maximizing insights.
  • Explore how powerful digital PCR technology provides absolute quantification and validation in genomics.

Visit us at AGBT 2020 at Lanai Suite #187

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