Accelerating advances in genomics with innovative Sample to Insight solutions


Join us at Lanai Suite #187 in the JW Marriott, Marco Island, Florida, from February 23–26, where we will showcase our exciting Sample to Insight innovations for genomic research.

The field of genomics is rapidly evolving, with innovation at the heart of discovery. From the sequencing of the first human chromosome in 1999 and the completion of the Human Genome Project in 2003 to groundbreaking developments in genomic medicine, unlocking the intricacies of the genome has proved invaluable. However, challenges associated with workflow optimization, customization and data analysis and interpretation can often limit the pace of progress in this dynamic field. Partner with QIAGEN and leverage our years of expertise, tailored solutions and market-leading informatics so you can conquer the complexities of genome biology.

Start your research journey by taking advantage of our high-performance technologies for:

  • Sample extraction and stabilization
  • Ribosomal RNA and globin mRNA removal
  • Epigenomics and targeted methyl-seq
  • Simultaneous profiling of DNA and RNA biomarkers
  • Exome sequencing
  • Digital PCR
  • Data analysis, interpretation and reporting

Talk to our experts to explore how you can leverage the combined benefits of our cutting-edge Sample to Insight solutions to accelerate the pace of discovery in:

  • Biomarker research
  • Comprehensive genomic profiling
  • Population genetics
  • Disease research
  • Gene expression studies

Highlights include our latest solutions for:

  • Maximizing usable reads in RNA-seq by removing unwanted RNA in just one step
  • Simultaneous DNA and RNA NGS-based profiling from the same, low-input sample using a novel, one-day workflow
  • Interrogating highly conserved genes in the human genome for disease-associated variants
  • Digital PCR-based detection of rare mutations and copy number variation, as well as absolute gene expression quantification and validation of NGS results

Discuss your project needs and discover how our innovative technologies and tailor-made solutions can facilitate novel discoveries in your field of research!


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